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Dropped out of college, and built a web design agency that serves entrepreneurs and businesses. Tweets that simplify marketing, design, and agency-building.

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Laurens' circle

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Laurens' circle

Laurens T - Online Business
12 ratings

Are you a web designer, developer, funnel builder, website expert or anything related who’s looking to increase his reach and influence on Twitter?…

…While also networking, learning and interacting with other professionals in the same niche with similar goals as you are?

If yes, then I have something for you.


Laurens’ circle.

A revolutionary growth community that not only focuses on helping its members grow on Twitter but also progress in business and in life.

This is a group I wish I had when I started out in the web development space and now you don’t have to wish, all you have to do is join.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in this space, I’m creating a community where everyone…

  • Constantly pushes/supports each other towards their goals
  • Shares growth resources 
  • Grinds together
  • Keeps each other accountable
  • Learns together
  • Grows together

From your skill set to your Twitter account, we will all work together to make sure you continue growing.

Who am I to create this?

My name is Laurens Tijssen and I’ve been making money on the internet since I was 12 years old. 

I’ve networked and worked with millionaires, hired and fired people, made both good and bad business decisions, and done a host of different hustles on the internet.

But the biggest lesson I’ve learned?

Is you can go so much further with the right team.

By networking and making connections with the right people, I’ve been able to make thousands of dollars creating websites for different businesses from NFT projects to car dealerships, catering consultants and real estate companies.This group will provide you with the right team.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join us…

  • 1-1 call with me
  • Daily engagement on your Twitter posts
  • Unlimited support from members to help you improve your skill
  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Work opportunities
  • Discount on my upcoming course 
  • Twitter growth strategies
  • Exclusive member deals

Here’s to your future growth,

See you inside fam.

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Access to Laurens' inner circle. A private community to help you boost your Twitter account and make more money online.

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